….I honestly feel that if I had not met you none of this would have happened nor the changes I am feeling inside. You have really opened my eyes to the possibilities in life where as I was focusing on the impossibilities. I am understanding that outside things that happened are external influences that are nice and give you a high, but they are all temporary. I’m learning that somehow I am for lack of better terminology “out-of-balance” and I need to work on centering my life.   Sue, Naples FL

"I have a long way to go, but I am confident with your help I will find my true calling, you are by far the BEST thing that has have come into my life to help me grow".  BC Ft Myers. FL

"You are excellent!  Our session this morning was truly a gift for me - thank you!" Kimberly F. NYC

"Thanks for teaching us at the RA.  I thoroughly enjoyed the class and I believe I learned some technqiues which will be useful as I try to shift some of my attitudes and incorporate change.  You are a lovely person and I wish you much happiness and success in your very worthwhile work.  Evelyn H. Winnipeg, Canada

"Thank you again, I could not do it without you. Coaching with you has absolutely beginning to change my whole world for a bright future." Barbara, FL

When the woman of my dreams decided to end our 12 and one half year relationship I was completely crushed emotionally. I could not sleep, could not focus on work, had no appetite and my self esteem was shot and I had no sense of being. I could not move forward. My biggest problem was just acceptance that this relationship was over and maybe it was for the best. I could not come to terms with that.

I knew this was too big for me to handle on my own. I needed help and I needed it fast. I tried talking with trusted friends. I hit the bookstore and tried self help books about how to get over a broken heart and a failed relationship. I met with a psychotherapist. Nothing was working for me.

A friend told me about Sue, the “life coach.” I heard the first session was free. I had nothing to lose. During that first phone call I felt empowered. Sue listened in a non-judgmental way. She did not criticize or put down my former girlfriend. She analyzed my relationship and helped me discover, on my own, that perhaps things were not as rosy as I viewed them. She explained how she could give me the tools to help me move forward and develop a truly wonderful relationship in the future.

I followed her advice every step of the way and worked very hard on the homework assignments she gave me week to week. Within 4 weeks, I was so strong that I could meet my ex face to face and had no emotional baggage or regrets.

If you are willing to listen to Sue’s advice and put forth the effort required from her, you will see immediate results in a short period of time. I would recommend Sue as your “life coach.” She will forever be mine."

"I can see how rewarding this must be for you – you assist in changing people’s lives in such a dramatic positive way.  I Cannot even imagine how my life would be without your guidance".  JoNaples, FL