The Body Code

Body Code

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The Body Code will give you the life you have been hoping for.  Balance is key.  When the body is in balance, miracles happen!


One on One Coaching

Certified Life Coach, Reiki Master 

Seraphim Blueprint Practitioner

Emotion & Body Code Certified Practitioner

Reiki works with the emotional, spiritual, mental and physical bodies and also balances your chakras, giving you clarity, focus & direction...

Redesign your life to live with purpose and intentionality.  Discover what you really want from life and get it!

The Emotion Code is a game changer! We all have trapped emotions that cause mental or physical discomfort, even disease.  Release these trapped emotions easily.....

"When you are in your heart you will believe,

   when you believe, you will succeed!"

The Emotion Code

Sue Campanella, CTACC